Northeast Regional Ambulance Service provides emergency and non-emergency medical care and transportation. Both Advanced Life Support (ALS) services and Basic Life Support Services (BLS) are available twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. Northeast Regional Ambulance also provides Wheel Chair Van service for routine doctor’s appointments, dialysis treatment and outpatient visits.


Our Dispatch center is staffed twenty–four hours a day with our trained personnel. Utilizing the latest computer aided dispatching software available they will ensure accurate medical information is given to our field staff. Should you need non-emergency ambulance transportation, call our Dispatch center. Our dispatchers are compassionate and are there to assist you.

Each ambulance is equipped with a vehicle locater (GPS) and routing system. This system enables our dispatcher to precisely monitor all vehicle locations in real time, dispatching the closest ambulance and communicating the shortest route of travel.

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Understanding how critical our vehicles and equipment are to our patients, we purchase only the finest available to the industry. That said, it is not enough to simply purchase the finest equipment; meticulous inspections and preventative maintenance schedules ensure reliability when it counts. We invite you to view our annual inspection reports which can be obtained by contacting our offices at 1-866-234-0981 or the Department of Public Health – Office of Emergency Medical Services at 1-617-753-7300.

Patient Accounts

Understanding insurance reimbursement can be very confusing and complicated, and may cause an unneeded stress when dealing with a medical condition. Our patient accounts representatives are always willing to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your insurance coverage, deductibles, or other account related issues. We believe that our obligation does not end when we reach your destination.

Our staff has over twenty years of experience dealing with all of the insurance providers. They are experienced in claims submission procedures and understand the appeals process. Everyone here at Northeast Regional Ambulance is here to help reduce any anxiety that may be associated with your account. To find out if your ambulance ride may be covered by your insurance, please call our Patient Accounts office at 1-866-234-0981.

Locations We Service

Northeast Regional Ambulance is the (911) Emergency Medical Service provider for the City of Beverly and the Town of Topsfield. In addition, Northeast Regional Ambulance provides back up (911) service to many of the surrounding communities. We also provide non-emergent transport and routine medical transportation to and from all of the medical facilities in northeast Massachusetts.

If you would like to arrange non-emergency ambulance transportation, please contact our Dispatch center at any time: 1-866-234-0981.